Tanner-Gill & Associates, LLP BBB Business Review

"At first we were reluctant to outsource our accounting and payroll services: ""Why hire someone to do what I can do myself?"" However, looking back at all the time, energy, and money I threw away by not choosing to utilize Tanner-Gill's services sooner, I urge any savvy business owner to have a conversation and see how they can help you as well!  
                                                  Thank you, Tanner-Gill!"


"I work with Duncan on a daily bases. He isn't just my accountant, but he is the lowest cost employee on my team. Ever time I have a question or need something handled he is there, no matter the time, day or night. It's like I hired a CFO at part time employee's rates. I would never change companies and plan for a long and prosperous future!
                                                  Thank you Duncan!"


"Top notch service at a resonable cost!  What more is there to say, give them a call!"


"We work directly with Tom on our company's payroll and taxes. Starting out with payroll to take some of the load off our receptionist, we saw value in Tom's unwavering drive for perfection! He is always so accurate, and even caught some mistakes that we had made earlier in the year which saved us big time when we decided to use Tanner-Gill & Associates for our Taxes last year. They now save us time and money.
                                               We would never go back!"


"With revenue coming in from multiple sources, and all the regulatory changes regarding real estate and taxes, partnering with a firm like Tanner-Gill is vital to our operations. When you have so many hoops to jump through to remain compliant, it is always best to hire an expert and that is exactly what these guys are, tax experts! Even with years of business knowledge, staying up to date on the ever-changing federal, state, and local laws is a full time job in itself. 
                      Tanner-Gill has paid for their services time and time again!"